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How much does it cost to redo a parking lot?

Redoing a parking lot, it might be a concrete or asphalt parking lot can be expensive because of the dimensions. Parking lots have more dimensions when you compare them to any driveway. Since the parking lot has larger dimensions, it might also need more materials.

Since parking lots need more and more amount of materials to be successfully paved, the more it will also cost because the bigger the project, the bigger the asphalt paving companies can be asking because there might also be a need of adding more people to pave the parking lot.

The asphalt paving companies can compute or calculate all the expenses needed for paving a parking lot. They can calculate from how much the materials might cost all in all, how much the labor fee might cost from start to finish, and stuff like that.

Asphalt paving companies are offering free estimation for most clients to help them prepare the amount that it might cost them. The asphalt paving companies might calculate all the costs for paving the parking lot more than the exact amount to help the client to have a little allowance to avoid getting short of the payment.

How much does it cost to pave 1 acre?

To pave an acre of asphalt, might cost a lot because of the dimension of an acre. An acre has a wide space, which can also mean that there is more asphalt needed to pave an acre. It could be an acre of the driveway, an acre of a parking lot, or others.

The Texas asphalt companies are asking the local average cost of asphalt that can range between $7 to $13 per square foot. You can calculate the local average cost of asphalt to the size of an acre or how much square foot an acre has.

Your calculations may differ from the Texas asphalt companies because most of the time, they might calculate more than the actual price to give you an allowance or room for error. It helps you avoid getting shot by the budget.

When you ask for estimation from the Texas asphalt companies, they can give an estimation better because they will help you pay the cheapest that you can, and they will help you avoid from getting out of budget. Running out of budget while paving your asphalt driveway can be a problem because the Texas asphalt companies might not be able to continue paving your asphalt driveway without the exact payment they are asking for.

newly installted asphalt in the parking lot in corpus christi tx

How thick should an asphalt parking lot be?

The thickness of asphalt that most asphalt parking lots have is around 7 inches or more. It can also depend on the establishment. The bigger the establishment, the bigger the parking lot it needs because there will be more customers that might be using the parking lot.

If the establishment is bigger, the thickness of the asphalt on the parking lot can also increase because as the asphalt parking lot goes wider, the more number vehicles will be using it meaning, there will be more weight.

The more weight the asphalt parking lot needs to hold off, the more thickness it might need to be safe because when there is only enough thickness of asphalt on the parking lot, a small excess on the weight capacity can destroy the parking lot easily.

Allowance on the thickness of asphalt will come in handy, especially during rush hour or holiday season. During rush hour or holiday season, more people will be going to stores, meaning there are also more vehicles that will be parking on the parking lot of the stores which means that more weight and it might exceed the weight limit of the parking lot. Texas asphalt companies find it better to have thicker asphalt than required

How long do asphalt parking lots last?

replaced asphalt in a parking lot in corpus christi tx

Before an asphalt parking lot is replaced, it takes 30 years or sometimes more because parking lots are made to last for longer years because when the parking lot gets replaced more times in a year, it can affect the business of the establishment.

A simple asphalt parking replacement can be a big deal for most establishments because they can lose customers and can make their profit go lower just because of simple asphalt parking lot replacements. Parking lot replacements can take weeks and sometimes a month.

When that happens, it means that the customer of the establishment will not be able to park their vehicles on the asphalt parking lot, which can make them go to another store since it will be hard for them to look for a place to park their vehicles legally.

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How often does asphalt need to be replaced?

As long as the asphalt parking lot is healthy, there will be no need to replace it. Usually, an asphalt parking lot can stay for 30 years or more if it is paved with excellent materials that are not easily broken.

A parking lot should not be replaced more often because it can reflect the establishment. The more the asphalt parking lot needs a replacement, the more it can affect the establishment because it can be a reason for the customers to stay away from going into the establishment because they can not park near it.

The asphalt paving Texas companies usually makes sure that they paved the asphalt parking lot right. Because if they don’t, the establishment can go bankrupt from losing too many customers because of the parking lot.

Owning an establishment, one thing that is essential is a parking lot. There are more people that are using vehicles. If they can not park their vehicles on your establishment or near your establishment, they might have to go somewhere else that has a parking lot, which means that the establishment loses a customer and loses a profit as well.

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